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In the framing world, a fillet (typically pronounced “fill-it”) is a super small frame with a reverse lip that fits inside a traditional frame or under a mat. Fillets can provide extra flair or dramatic enhancement to a frame, or incorporate an additional level of showcasing to a piece of art.

You may notice that the ornate fillet around pastel madonna adds a touch of elegance to the rustic style frame. Our 1st place chapter winner featured a blue frame fillet matching the bold blue in the needlepoint. Finally, the beautiful Belle is displayed with a bold mat rimmed in a delicate fillet, giving her design the right amount of sass to match her personality, per the owner.


Fillets exponentially grow the creative possibilities of framing design, and as we always say, the more creative options the more fun to be had!

We are proud to serve the Prairie Island Indian Community, which is located approximately 15 miles northwest of our Red Wing shop. We’ve been blessed to preserve several pieces of historical significance to the tribe.

The community proudly operates Treasure Island Resort and Casino, which is Goodhue County’s largest employer. This large gallery wrap will welcome hotel visitors. The inscription reads:

The people of Prairie Island are descendants of the Mdewakanton Band of Eastern Dakota, also known as the Mississippi or Minnesota Sioux, who were parties to the treaties with the United States from 1805 to 1863.


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