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This is a ‘not quite’ photo.  Ideally I would have captured a nice blurred taillight of a few inches.

But whatever.  Nobody is perfect and either is this photograph.

Many years ago we decided it was important to try and be as good as we can be in what we do.  That was our business plan.

Valerie became the first Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF) in Minnesota in 2014.  This was a big deal for us and has opened up many opportunities as well.

Valerie has continued to contribute to the framing industry and this January she will compete in a national framing competition in Las Vegas in January 2017.

These efforts help push us to be better at our job.  And this is only the beginning.



“Enculturation”, 2012 by Cynthia Weitzel

Your creativity will outlive you and nobody is getting out of this life alive.

That is a certainty and if you can accept that, than maybe you will ponder this: since you are not going to be around, how will you be remembered?


There once was a framer named Valerie.
Who framed art that hung in a gallery.
It was beautifully done,
and the process was so fun.
And it was only a small part of my salary.


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